Brand management

Your brand is the heartbeat of your company. 

It’s how customers define what they think and feel about your company, products and services, and most importantly your reputation. Keeping your brand consistent is just as important as developing your brand. Every brand needs a brand enforcer and that’s where we step in. We’ll protect your brand as fiercely as a momma bear protecting her cub making sure it stays consistent across all mediums for the long run.

Public relations

We are the people that read the last page of the book first.

Our process starts with the end in mind- the desired outcome of the client- that shapes our strategic direction and helps focus our creativity. We approach PR with flexibility in mind and apply your message across all activities- product launches, open houses, speaking events, awards and recognition opportunities. We will help position clients and their businesses as thought leaders in their field.


We may not be the life of the party...

but we will make sure your party has LIFE. We will look after every detail, from selecting theme and the perfect venue, to designing killer invitations and memorable menus. We will make sure that your event attracts the all the right key influencers and creates a lasting impression.



social media + Engagement

Time to be social. 

The conversation spectrum in the social space can be confusing, and overwhelming. Consider us your social media butterflies. We will help you tweet, poke, follow and like your way into better market presence, stronger brand awareness and enhance your web presence. Let's face it- friends listen to friends, we will help you find them in the social space and turn them into your brand ambassadors through smart, targeted and well managed interactions.

Creative & Concepting

Today's consumer is smart and informed... 

They are overwhelmed by messaging coming at them from all angles. That’s why at Compel, we believe in tackling the thinking first. Strategic insight is the cornerstone to a solid creative platform. We conceptualize and create fully integrated programs that use sound strategy, powerful, consistent messaging, and exceptional creative to optimize consumer engagement across a wide range of touchpoints providing a rich experience across all channels.

Marketing Consulting

You know where you want to be.

We will create the road map to get you there. Technology continues to adapt and that means that consumers and your audience is constantly evolving and finding the latest and fastest way to connect with the world around them. Control has shifted- brands and businesses are no longer the sole creators of their image or their message and the consumer has endless choices about where, how and what they give their attention to. But don’t worry- a good plan is one that is adaptable- and that’s where we come in. We will navigate for you and help you reach your desired destination.


“Ericka has been an immense help to HOPE Healthcare Services. She is knowledgable, proactive and quick to suggest improvements and actions to move the organization forward. She sees the big picture and has leveraged the knowledge and contacts from a wide range of her work experience to add value to any project we have worked together. She is a joy to work with.”
— John Mollaun, Executive Director at HOPE Healthcare Services